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Well, your thinking just another positive review selecting the maximum number of stars with no thought? Not true at all. Barbara has worked for the City of Santa Clarita, specifically dealing with land acquisitions and other areas for many many years before she made the switch to real estate. She knows everything about Santa Clarita. We have never sold a property before, and she walked us through every step that we would need to know in order to make a sale happen. And it happened just as she said it would. She was available via phone, email and text at any time and always responded with in minutes if not available. As far as selling our home, Barbara helped get us over asking price. As far as the home we were looking to purchase, she had her work cut out for her. The home was priced out of our range and the sellers were not very flexible, but she actually negotiated and got us a price we were willing to pay. Our experience: We called Barbara on accident. She had an advertisement that happened to pop up while looking at a home online. We thought we were contacting the sellers agent. It was a Sunday afternoon and Barbara answered the phone immediately. She made arrangements for a viewing, and then for a second viewing. After the second viewing we decided to make an offer. Barbara then came to our home and assisted us with determining the sale price of our home. She helped us stage our home and immediately scheduled an open house. She communicated with us at every stage, whether it was a document that required a signature or an appointment for a home inspection. She constantly kept us updated via phone, text, email or in person. There were some difficult decisions that had to be made with regards to the home we were trying to purchase. Barbara always was there to guide us and offer her opinion. But more than anything else, Barbara always always told us, to just make sure that we were okay with whatever the situation was, because she did not want us to be unhappy with our purchase, now or in the future. In the end, we unfortunately had to back out of both the purchase of the new house and the sale of our home. We knew that this meant that Barbara and the entire Tracy Hauser Team at Cobalt Realty Group were not going to make any commissions and we felt terrible about that. Even then Barbara and the the Tracy Team stayed with us until the end. Not only would we recommend Barbara, but we will use her again when we find that dream house.

Brian S.

I have often wondered if reviews were compiled by friends and families of those whose reviews I was reading. Here's the reality of Tracy Hauser and you'll get un-embellished truth from me. My wife, Joan, reached out to Tracy long before we were ready to sell, perhaps a year or more, as she wished to learn how to make our home ready for sale. Tracy came to the home and made recommendations on how the property might become more desirable. Not only did she perform that without an expectation of getting a listing, she continued to take each call and to provide feedback to each question every single time! There was no question that when we were ready to sell this home that Tracy would get the listing. That wound up being a terrific decision. Here's what Tracy brought to the table: She brought her photographer and she personally set up each shot, She brought in an aerial photographer to help the potential buyer better understand the property, The quality of the photos on the MLS were noticeably better than all other listings, Her worded description of the property was elegant. No sales pitch added to cover the property shortfalls that would have disappointed a potential buyer, It's clear to me that Tracy spends more in marketing than all other realtors and that she has a strategy and a plan but most importantly, she and her group place an emphasis on planning, She executes her plans and also, she does what she says she will do. Every day. So what did we get for the commission? A full price offer within a few hours of the listing which made me think we were priced too low. How did Tracy respond? Not to sell just yet as she felt there were too many contingencies which would allow a buyer to back out at a later date. What happened next? Tracy also found a buyer. A rock solid buyer. The sale breezed through escrow and everything Tracy said would happen did happen. If you've looked at the video of Tracy on this site than I would say, "Believe it." It is exactly who Tracy is. She and each person on her team aren't looking at the financial gain so much as the relationships they create and each will do what is best for their client, regardless of what might be best for themselves. This is a truthful accounting of our experience with Tracy Hauser of Cobalt Realty. Now I am going to take the time to write a review for each of her team as each person on her team was actively involved in the sale of our home and each made contributions worthy of recognition on my part.


We contacted Barbara Blankenship as she was a contact realtor for a posted home for sale on Zillow.com. We spoke briefly on the phone, made an appointment and met at the home. While viewing the home, we talked about our needs and desires. Upon completion, we thoroughly discussed our situation. We learned from Barbara exactly what we needed to do and where we needed to be if we seriously wanted to buy a home. It had been 32 years since our last home purchase and she gave us an excellent education. It was due to her real estate background and knowledge as well as her comfortable personality that we committed to staying with her. We then prepared ourselves, following her instructions, to make an offer/purchase We viewed several homes that we or she found for us. Then one day she called stating she had found "the" home for us before it was to come on the market. She said it fit all our criteria and especially the location area we wanted. She took us to the home and we liked everything so she walked us through the offer process. We had counter offers, but eventually settled and purchased the home thanks to her expertise and efforts on our behalf. We couldn't be happier with our realtor, Barbara, and her team guiding us every step of the way.

Daniela T.

Tracy came up in my search as having some of the best reviews and during our first meeting we knew she was our agent. My partner and I felt like she would be able to sell our house and she did! We were able to leave CA, which was our goal, and our house closed right on Valentine's day. From the beginning to the end her, along with Danise and Stacey and everyone else on her team helped make this stressful process easier. She was available whenever we needed to communicate. Her team was always a step ahead of my questions. I would recommend Tracey and her team hands down as one of the most professional and hardworking realtors and experts in their field. We're now together with family and got here just on time. Truly a miracle. Thank you for everything.

Evan J.

After using another agent and not having much luck, I walked in to an open house with Ashley and Tracy and new I had found a new realty group. From the get-go, Ashley and Stacy were relentless in finding me a property that fit my specific and somewhat unique desires. They sent me daily updates on new properties that fit my profile, and met me at off times to show them to me. Additionally, they found me several houses before they even hit the market, including the house I ended up purchasing. The paperwork and negotiation process painless and very quick. I still consider Ashley and Stacy as friends and if I ever need anything in the future I know where to go. I would not hesitate to recommend Ashley and Stacy to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Carol M.

Tracy was with us every step of the way through the process of selling our home of 25 years. As first time sellers we really counted on her: knowledge of the local market, watching the past and current activity, advice on preparation of the home for sale, putting the listing up and marketing of it, emotional support, referrals of excellent people/companies to work with to make the home just right, holding open houses, and her amazing support staff that was always available to help us. Our home was sold in approx. 5 weeks from listing to closing at over market price! We can't say enough wonderful things about Tracy and her team's professional yet personal service. We whole heartedly recommend.

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