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How We Work

Broker Networking:

This is the behind-the-scenes part of promoting a listing and matching up the needs of a home buyer with homes for sale. We meet with our network group of this valley’s top real estate professionals that represent the major Brokerages in Santa Clarita, to cross promote and match up our home buyers and sellers with those of others in the group. Tracy is a big believer in cooperation-based networking as well. She is consistently on the phone following up on showings and networking her new and upcoming listings. This has paid off tremendously over the years by creating great working relationships with her peers. Agents enjoy working with Tracy’s team because they are confident their transactions will be handled professionally and respectfully.

Agent Follow-up:

Everyday real estate professionals and their clients are updated on our listings. Any broker who previews or shows a prospective buyer one of our homes is immediately sought out for feedback on the preview or showing. If the agent accesses the property via the Key Safe, we are electronically notified of the showing. We also ask that the homeowner to notify us of the showing as well. If the Key Safe is not used, we rely entirely on the homeowner to inform us right away and provide the showing agent’s information so we can follow up and get their feedback. Our goal is to reach out to that showing realtor to “sell the salesperson” on selling our listing as quickly as possible. Another opportunity from feedback is to find out about the homes that are competing with our listing and/or to make the necessary adjustments as to conditions, pricing, etc.

Advertising / Marketing / Virtual Tour:

The Internet has changed everything as far as advertising goes. People are no longer just going to their local newspapers to see what homes are for sale. They log onto the web and search home sites instead. The MLS is still a very powerful marketing tool and so the key is to properly prepare each property before uploading the information to the MLS. Tracy’s team does this with high quality professionally shot pictures and a virtual tour. In conjunction with the MLS, the virtual tour is also uploaded to Tour Factory. Tour Factory syndicates out to multiple websites and several video channels which expands the exposure of your property to an unlimited number of potential buyers. Tracy also has a Zillow account which reaches many more potential buyers looking at homes; you’ll also find several client reviews on Tracy’s Zillow page. In addition to all this, the property information is uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because social media marketing is playing a larger and larger roll in marketing as more people are using their smart phones to view and receive information.