When Should You Start Planning To Buy A House?


When should you start planning to buy a house? We sat down with a Santa Clarita mortgage lender to get the insight and expertise for your smoothest transaction yet.

Buying a house for the first time can be an overwhelming process if you’re not adequately prepared. If you take the proper steps, however, the experience can be one of the happiest and most exciting for first-time homebuyers.
“As with all things in life that are important to us — such as planning a wedding or a big vacation — the key word is planning, explained Santa Clarita Realtor Tracy Hauser, broker/owner of The Tracy Hauser Team in the Santa Clarita real estate community. “When you go to buy a home, this is a process. So let’s talk about what’s in store for you when you get ready to start the homebuying process.”
The first step in preparing to buy your first home is to meet with a qualified, professional mortgage lender. One of our most trusted mortgage lenders is Keith Renno, a Senior Mortgage Lender with Wintrust Mortgage in Santa Clarita. He’s helped many of our clients in the past, so we sat down with this local expert to get some insight when it comes to planning to buy your first home.

When Should You Start Planning To Buy A House?

“As Tracy mentioned, it’s all about planning,” added Keith. “For most of us, this is the largest financial obligation we’ll take on, so I would say it’s never too early to start planning for something like that.”
While earlier is always better, not everyone works on that timeline.
“If I had to put a number on it, I’d say at least a year,” Keith explained. “If you’re thinking about purchasing in the next 12 months, it’s a great time to speak with a local mortgage lender, someone like myself.”

Benefits Of Planning With A Mortgage Lender

“A mortgage lender is going to be able to help you set a plan and give you some insight as to what you should be looking for,” Keith said.
A year out, many homebuyers are starting to do home searches. They may be in touch with their Santa Clarita Realtor. They’re starting to share what they’re looking for in terms of beds, baths, square footage and more.
“So if we can give that person a good idea of what they can afford upfront, then they can narrow that search from the beginning,” Keith said.

That way, you’re not searching for homes outside your range, and on the other hand, you may even realize you can afford more than you originally expected.
“Additionally, we can instruct you in terms of things like credit,” Keith said. “For example, if you want to increase your credit score, we can help you get out ahead of that, so your credit is ready when you are.”
When you’re planning to buy a house within the next year, you’ll want to make different choices when it comes to your credit, and a knowledgeable local mortgage lender will help you navigate those fine details, making the whole process as smooth as possible.
“We can help you make smart financial choices in the meantime, so you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes time to finance,” Keith explained. 

The Bottomline

“When you start the conversation early, that’s when we’re really able to provide the best education and help out you in the best possible position to buy a home,” Keith concluded.
To get a more detailed picture of what that might look like for you, please contact Santa Clarita Senior Mortgage Lender Keith Renno at Wintrust Mortgage. 

Meet Keith Renno | Wintrust Mortgage Lender

Continuously voted a Five Star Mortgage Professional, Santa Clarita Senior Mortgage Lender Keith Renno is in the top 1% of mortgage originators, closing more than $500 million in loans since 2010.
Honesty and integrity, combined with Keith’s tenacity to provide exceptional customer service to business associates and clients, are the keys to his success. With clear communication and professionalism as a foundation, Keith and his team strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with their clients and associates.
Keith and his team are proud to be a part of Wintrust Mortgage, a division of Wintrust Financial Corporation, a multibillion-dollar financial services holding company that offers outstanding products and loan programs at today’s most competitive interest rates.
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