Reasons Santa Clarita is a Safe City

Located just north of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita is known for its natural beauty, amusement park, and ample dining and entertainment options. Another benefit? It was recently named one of the safest cities in the country (according to this study). The city spends less on crime than dozens of other cities in Santa Clarita. 

So, what exactly makes this city so safe? We’re breaking it down for you.

Maintenance and Recreation

One of the best parts of living in Santa Clarita is the cleanliness of the streets and parks. The city routinely invests in preventing crime in these areas and maintaining their beauty. With plenty of places to meet and play, kids and young people are likely to meet in visible spaces. Some excellent parks include Valencia Heritage Park, Marketplace Park, and Duane R. Hart Park at River Village. 

Youth Programs


Working with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department and the Hart Union school district, Santa Clarita developed the DFY in SCV (Drug-Free Youth in SCV) program — a free, voluntary, anti-drug club for junior and high school students. The club is for teens and run by teens and regularly accepts new members. The group also hosts regular events, like “Summer Night” and “Group Member Night.” Through DFY, students are encouraged to lead drug-free lifestyles, surrounded by a like-minded support system. 


This free boxing program is for at-risk teens from ages 14 to 19. Taught by professionals, CHAMPS encourages members to develop character, self-discipline, and confidence —  both inside the ring and out. The coaches are trained to help students with academics, leadership abilities, and job resources.

Youth Employment Services Program (YES)

Another fantastic resource for at-risk youths is YES. Students 14-18 can take advantage of YES’s employee mentorship and training programs. YES helps maintain the well-being of Santa Clarita’s youth by preparing young people to work and keeping them employed.

Community Centers

Maintaining its community centers is another way in which Santa Clarita protects its community. There are two centers in the city: Canyon Country Community Center and Newhall Community Center. Both host activities, programs, events, and workshops for youths, adults, and families. People of any age or ability can take exercise classes at Canyon Country, and children can attend after-school programs. Community leaders offer homework help, reading, and other enrichment opportunities. Newhall has a constant string of events and camps. For example, from May until June, kids can participate in “Pop-Up and Play!” — a series of recreational activities, from soccer to obstacle courses. These community centers provide children and adults with a safe place to explore, create, and socialize.

Great Schools

Santa Clarita has some of the best schools in California and consistently ranks among the top 10% of schools in the state. They’re also routinely recognized for their youth programs. The William S. Hart High School District has won several awards, including the Golden Bell Award for” diversity awareness and anti-bullying programs; the Intensive Literacy Program; and for the physical education program at Sierra Vista Junior High. The Academy of the Canyons program, which allows students to attend college and high school simultaneously, won a bronze medal from the U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s top high schools. Students in Santa Clarita are encouraged and motivated by these programs.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is one of the top-funded sectors for Santa Clarita. Mayor Marsha McLean works extensively with the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department to ensure children and adults alike have a wonderful place to call home. Santa Clarita also contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Because of these contacts, Santa Clarita has the extensive ability to protect its citizens. The city also prioritizes protecting youth and business through a variety of programs:

Crime Prevention Unit

Santa Clarita is divided into zones, making it easier for law enforcement to focus on and regulate specific areas. Each zone has officers assigned to monitor and dissect trends, track crime, and direct resources. Every area in Santa Clarita is guaranteed to receive attention from law enforcement.

Graffiti Task Force

Santa Clarita has a Graffiti Removal task force, which meets to develop solutions to graffiti-related issues. Together, the task force eliminates graffiti, arrests vandals, and educates the public about graffiti’s dangers. 

Juvenile Intervention Team

The J-Team is geared toward helping minors with drug offenses. The team aims to stop the cycle of drug abuse in Santa Clarita through enforcement, diversion, and education.

Sheriffs Business Alliance

The Sheriffs Business Alliance helps protect local businesses by identifying business-specific problems and offering assistance to employers and employees. The goal is to prevent crimes by working closely with locals, to better understand their needs and pain points.

Emergency Response

Santa Clarita has an effective, efficient communication method when it comes to warning citizens of emergencies. The city uses the Nixle community information service to send quick text messages, emails, and alerts during emergencies. Some potential emergencies include road closures, earthquakes, storms, and evacuations. No matter your location, you’ll receive a neighborhood-specific warning.

Crime Stoppers Hotline

Because Santa Clarita is such a strong community, residents take safety seriously. Santa 
Clarita works with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to maintain the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers network. Residents can leave tips via phone or online to alert the department to crimes in their area. The city’s motto is the following: “if you see something, say something” for the good of your community.

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