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What Makes Santa Clarita Such A Great Place To Live?

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If you’ve ever wondered what makes Santa Clarita such a great place to live, here are the facts — straight from a local organization you probably didn’t know existed. 

Awesometown. Hollywood North. The best place to raise a family. 

Have you ever wondered why we get so many awesome nicknames here in the Santa Clarita Valley? 

Well, after talking to the leader of a little-known local organization, we can prove it’s true — we really are pretty awesome.

We sat down with the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Organization (SCVEDC) to bring you just the facts on what makes Santa Clarita such a great place to live and work. 

Meet the SCVEDC

Though most local residents may not have heard of it, the SCVEDC is comprised of an extremely active, well-connected group of professionals who are helping guide our city’s economic growth here in Santa Clarita. 

Put simply, the SCVEDC is a local nonprofit focused on creating more high-quality jobs in the Santa Clarita Valley, said Holly Schroeder, who has been the President and CEO since the organization’s inception. 

“It focuses on bringing new businesses to the Santa Clarita Valley, as well as helping the businesses who are already here grow and expand,” Holly explained. 

And it began with as much intention and collaboration as it continues on with today. 

“The SCVEDC was formed by a group of business and civic leaders who recognized — when we were coming out of the recession — that a strong, diverse economy doesn’t just happen,” Holly recalled. “We can’t just leave our economy to chance. Growth doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes effort and coordination. So they decided it was time for us to have an economic development cooperation.”

Today, the SCVEDC works to attract, grow, market and inform on behalf of local businesses, as well as businesses who are looking to relocate or expand in Santa Clarita. The organization has had success attracting regional businesses such as Sunkist and Logix to headquarter in our community, bringing new high-quality jobs to our valley. It’s also helped local businesses such as Scorpion expand without leaving the community it calls home.

What’s the benefit to residents? 

Local residents may be wondering: What’s in it for me? 

Even if you’re not a local job seeker or business owner, however, the SCVEDC has been silently serving you over the years and will continue to do so in the future. 

“We work to add more job opportunities, diversify our economy and protect our quality of life here in Santa Clarita,” Holly explained. “That means we’re growing our city’s tax base, which is good for the Santa Clarita Valley residents because it effects on their quality of life.”

With a more secure tax base, the entire city benefits. And the proof is undeniable. 

As a city, Santa Clarita has emerged from the Great Recession with lower unemployment rates compared to regional neighbors, and it generally offers more room to grow when it comes to residential, commercial and industrial building when compared to neighboring LA cities. 

“This wasn’t by chance; it’s by design,” explained Santa Clarita Realtor Tracy Hauser of the Tracy Team in Santa Clarita. “For example, Valencia is a master-planned community that was built with intent and design. And people love living here. When we have an organization that’s dedicated to growing our economic diversity and opportunity with intent — the effects are really quite amazing.”

What makes Santa Clarita such a great place to live?

“Part of what we want to do is let people know what makes Santa Clarita so great,” Holly said. “We get a lot of accolades in Santa Clarita, and these accolades are a testament to the work we’re doing to grow the business base and economy. It gives our residents extra security in terms of the tax base and career opportunities.”

Some of Santa Clarita’s accolades include: 

  • Safest & Healthiest City
  • Most Business Friendly City in LA
  • Best Place To Raise A Family 
  • City of the Future 
  • One of the best places in California to retire
  • Best place for millennials to buy a home 
  • One of the most economically diverse cities in America

“From business and health care to safety and schools, Santa Clarita has been recognized for it all,” Tracy said. “And we’re lucky to have organizations such as the SCVEDC quietly working in the background to both plan and build a better future for all of us. When people ask me what makes Santa Clarita such a great place to live, I honestly don’t know which reason to list first.”

If you know of a business that’s growing and needs support, or an out-of-the-area company that’s looking for a new home, please contact the SCVEDC at 661-288-4400.

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