Tips for Sellers

On the Market:

We’ll handle the marketing … Your job is to maintain the house, keep it as presentable as possible, and accommodate agents who will bring buyers to see it. If you’re standing around when the buyers come through, it will always feel more like someone else’s home instead of maybe their home.

When Tracy meets with you at your home, she will go over some different strategies to get you the best price for your home in the time frame you need to sell. Some homes need more upfront preparation than others and everyone’s situation is unique.

In Escrow:

This is an exciting and nerve-racking time for most. Typically a buyer has 17 days from acceptance to do their due diligence. That includes their loan, insurance, inspections, etc. It’s important that the utilities stay on even if the home is vacant because the buyer will be having their home inspection done, plus ther is the appraiser, termite/pest inspection and the buyer’s walkthrough during the last week of escrow.

You will also need to make sure your property meets the minimum requirements for your city and/or county. This includes but is not limited to working smoke detectors, compliant earthquake straps on the water heater(s), and Carbon Monoxide detectors installed (new requirement as of July 2011).

We’ll guide you in filling out your property disclosures before giving them to your buyer. These will tell a buyer everything you know about the history of your home. The property disclosures serve to inform the buyer and to protect you, the seller, so they can’t come back & say you never told me about that. View sample disclosure

Sometimes there are additional visits to your property for surveys, further inspections (ie roof or sewer lines), contractor estimates … All this while you’re trying to pack and to organize things. Remember this is a time when your home becomes your house, and your house becomes someone else’s home … that was and is the goal.

We’ll be interfacing with the escrow office who coordinates with the title insurance to make sure everything is prorated, title is clear, orders all the needed reports and sends them out to the clients & agents, and that it records/closes at the end.

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